I offer garden coaching and environmental consulting for those wishing to grow healthy food at home; taking better care of their properties and providing excess for local needs. I am interested in food sovereignty and improving everyone’s access to healthy local food.

Reclaim the legacy of traditional foodways in your bioregion. Kindness and Aloha are super powers. We haven’t even come close to understanding or even counting the mysterious creatures in our soils and in the oceans, yet we think we are ready to explore space! I teach an alternative to the mentality of mining the world and space for material gain. I argue for the wealth of biodiversity here and now; for the flowering of humility as we mend our relationship with the natural world.

I address a key need: that generally people today are ill prepared to live harmlessly on the planet and are addicted to all kinds of hurtful habits indicative of our alienation from nature and each other. No wonder so many people are clinically depressed! I provide tools to deconstruct and un-learn the false narrative that we as humans have ‘dominion over the earth’. We are in fact stewards with responsibilities and co-creative duties that we have neglected. See:

It seems that Human nutrition is to feeding the soul as Soil nutrition is to feeding our bodies. One might also say, ‘gut health is the same as soil health.’ Some future posts will discuss this.

I remember the dawn of Organic Agriculture in California, learning from master growers and advisors; passionate gardeners, always hungry for ecological wisdom. In this tradition, I help others become better stewards and caretakers.

Someone once advised his student, when you are offered two choices, do the one that is more difficult. Rewards are indeed greater when we raise the bar for performance and outreach. As a facilitator I will show you how to enhance efficiencies, reduce stress, and achieve benchmarks, all while travelling a path of continuously improving stewardship. I support those who are doing the hard things; blazing the trail for best practices, whether that is called organic, sustainable, regenerative, or some other term. 

Kerry A Beane, MS