Interactive Foodscapes aims to empower everyone to be food secure. We teach how to work with Nature while cultivating healthy food plants in all kinds of spaces. Neighborhood gardens foster regional food sovereignty, so this work is about expanding the existence of food gardens everywhere, while supporting folks who are ready to pitch in and grow!

Founder Kerry’s Bio: Always seeking green tools for change, an early life growing up on an Oklahoma cattle ranch led to earning a BS in Plant Science in Mechanized Agriculture and a career as an Integrated Pest Management/Agronomy Consultant in California’s breadbasket. Unwillingness to work for a major chemical company straight out of college, led to an MS in Community Development from UC Davis. Kerry co-taught Permaculture education and co-ran a successful market gardens for indigenous students at DQ University, while reestablishing oaks and other natives to regenerate a decimated ecosystem.

Applied work in Integrated Pest Management and Agroecology (see BIRC CAFF and Dietrick Institute) accompanied the founding of Interactive Farm Services, an agronomic consultancy helping conventional farms to transition away from toxic management practices while integrating nutritional and biological technologies, producing healthy plants and superior farm products.

The exploration continues outside of commercial farm settings today. Everyone can grow some food and the tools to do so are more effective and fun to use than ever, so let’s get growing!

We look forward to serving you!

Interactive Foodscapes

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See more about the founder here: linkedin.com/in/kerrybeane