Seed Ball Services

Have you heard of Guerilla Gardening? How about the Gangster Gardener?  If you don’t know about Ron Finley and his food growing initiatives that are creating local food sovereignty and empowering self reliance in Los Angeles, check out this important work at the link above.  Food growing is fast becoming a political act, and my objective is to facilitate this process for everyone.  Anyone can plant a seed!  Work with Nature to build healthy plant ecosystems and you will be rewarded 10-fold.

I love the idea of making seedballs to improve seed viability and support nature in building biodiverse, ecosystem-friendly gardens and wild spaces.  Seedballs can be prepared well ahead of time and will be ready to go when the rains come.  It is a great time to prepare seedballs for fall and winter planting activities.   My services now include custom seedballs, made to your specifications!  I also offer seedball making workshops and parties, so if you are looking for an all-ages appropriate activity that is fun, educational and nature-friendly, please contact me for details.  I offer complete workshops that include all supplies, for groups up to 12.

Shown here: Calendula seedballs packed for 2023-24 season: 30 for $25.00